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Distributed Energy Resources & Transforming Residential Measures into Capacity Resources

In many localities across our industry, fossil fuels are being phased out in favor of renewables. This transition, while in many ways positive, has created additional grid strain during peak hours and high-usage windows. On top of that, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to work around aging energy infrastructure unequipped to handle challenges such as severe weather or increasing consumer demand for things like EV charging. Regulatory pressures, such as those related to decarbonization goals and transition to renewables, are also be a contributing factor.

Added grid strain and aged infrastructure can be a recipe for reliability problems. Understandably, no utility wants chronic issues such as these tied to their reputation. And with all-too-common restrictions on running new wires, a utility’s options to address these capacity issues are often limited.

But there is one solution that can head off all of these issues while creating additional value for customers in a given transmission area. To avoid reliability problems—while simultaneously investing in grid resilience—a wise choice can be to decentralize energy sourcing with behind the meter storage solutions. This new approach to demand response is often referred to as DERs (Distributed Energy Resources).        

At CLEAResult, we have a long history of specialization in both Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), which work in combination to reduce grid strain and build energy resilience. Our DR strategy dynamically reduces load in response to capacity constraints and/or high energy prices, while our DERs solutions focus on storage and load-modifying resources connected to the electric grid — either on a customers' premises or on the utility's existing distribution system.

In the past, standard demand response programs would often focus on three main areas: energy efficiency, smart thermostats, and load curtailment. But our industry’s modern problems require more innovative solutions, solutions CLEAResult has a consistent history of bringing to the table.

Like our other energy solutions, DERs is both comprehensive and cost-effective, and easily the most promising pathway to effective capacity management when direct grid improvements are off the table. And unlike traditional demand response, DERs integrates into our smarter world, using smart appliances, EV chargers, and behind the meter storage to balance grid load while keeping end customers engaged and informed. Our solutions are fully scalable depending on precise MW needs — from 0.1 to 10+ — while our software and OEM hardware partnerships make for a streamlined process from top to bottom. On top of that, our data analytics and demand forecasting capabilities enable a more advanced active management environment that empowers you to adjust for changing conditions in real time.

In our May webinar, Going Beyond EE: Using Technology to Transform Residential Measures into Capacity Resources, join us to learn more about the promise of DERs and the importance of a holistic approach in diversifying load capacity management solutions in today’s market.



Distributed Energy Resources & Transforming Residential Measures into Capacity Resources

Case Study: Distributed Energy Resources & Transforming Residential Measures into Capacity Resources

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