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Going Virtual: Moving Your In-Person Meeting to Virtual Spaces


The last decade has seen a surge in virtual meetings—from simple telephone sessions to complex virtual collaborations with 100+ people. Virtual meetings save time and money, increase productivity, and allow for broader global participation. In today’s volatile world, sometimes “going virtual” just makes more sense. But how do you maintain that personal face-to-face connection? The key is keeping people engaged through audio and visual techniques, e.g., dynamic visual content and facilitated interactive polling and information exchange.



Energetics is an expert at translating in-person meetings to virtual spaces. As a company that conducts hundreds of meetings each year, we’ve had to keep up with technology and market demand. Our personalized 360° Virtual Facilitation and Webinars use next-generation tools to connect stakeholders, experts, and organizations of all kinds via internet and mobile platforms. Our proven in-person techniques adapt well to virtual spaces, allowing for the same effectiveness in brainstorming and evaluating ideas, setting priorities, creating action plans, or simply exchanging information. Flexible, agile, and experienced, we can set up virtual meetings quickly and cost-effectively.


Facilitation is key to productive meetings. Remember that teleconference where one person dominated the conversation, or ideas flew in a million directions with no organization? Our virtual facilitation processes maintain information flow, keep people on target, and encourage across-the-board involvement, thus allowing everyone to collaborate around a clear purpose. Our facilitators serve effectively as third-party, non-biased rapporteurs. Along with facilitation training, they have strong technical backgrounds in energy, materials, technology, and other fields; they can navigate technical conversations with ease, step right into an existing team and work effectively, and document inputs and outcomes accurately.


Learn more about what we’re doing with virtual meeting support at www.energetics.com. We’re ready to talk specifics when you want to engage. Just contact Joan Pellegrino or Sabine Brueske.


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