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Introducing CLEAResult ATLAS™: A Unifying Technology Solution for Our Connected Energy Future

A dynamic system that builds connections between programs in unprecedented ways, CLEAResult ATLAS™ brings powerful synergy to traditionally siloed offerings.

Austin, Texas (March 30, 2021) – CLEAResult, already an industry leader in developing and implementing energy efficiency programs for utilities, is launching a groundbreaking technology solution that aims to revolutionize the delivery of efficiency programs across all markets and sectors. 

CLEAResult ATLAS™ is a system created to unify disparate programs within one interconnected framework. It’s a foundation that connects and supports all existing and future CLEAResult solutions—and thanks to its universal compatibility, CLEAResult ATLAS™ integrates third-party data sources and legacy systems just as seamlessly. It’s a fully scalable technology offering built to streamline expansion of efficiency programs and capture valuable data insights, which can be studied and acted upon in real time. 

CLEAResult ATLAS™ is designed to help utilities better manage shifting baselines and evolving customer needs by consolidating all energy programs into a single online portal. Backed by CLEAResult’s belief in the power of connections, transparency, customer choice, and continuous growth, the system provides the flexibility to fine-tune and build out program elements and measures to meet changing objectives over time. The technology has been years in the making, and thanks to the dedicated efforts of CLEAResult’s engineering team, it’s finally become a reality. 

We wanted to build a solution that offered first-of-its-kind flexibility. Something that would integrate the past, synchronize with the present, and lay the groundwork for our connected future. We’re proud to say that CLEAResult ATLAS™ checks all of these boxes and more.”

        – Divakar Jandhyala, Chief Digital & Technology Officer


CLEAResult ATLAS™ will enhance every program in CLEAResult’s catalog, empowering each using shared data and plug-and-play compatibility with other programs, creating a seamless web of connections—a tightly networked system in which all programs can be grounded. 

For utility customers, that means:  


  • More actionable recommendations: Customers will be guided to the next best step on their energy efficiency journey—like buying a subsidized smart thermostat after upgrading their heat pump—and will have the power to take direct action via a user-friendly online portal. 
  • Effortless use of programs across the board: Programs will be streamlined, cross-functional, and cross-compatible, eliminating the need for redundant data entry from customers. 
  • Easy expandability: If customers choose to opt into other measures and programs, large or small, their data and efficiency history can carry over, creating a seamless experience. 


With the framework of CLEAResult ATLAS™ behind each and every program deployment, utilities themselves will see:

  • Faster speed to market
  • Vastly simplified program iteration
  • Streamlined innovation
  • Increased CSAT scores and higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved overall program performance
  • Lower costs to serve
  • And more

Serving primarily as a foundation for other products and solutions, CLEAResult ATLAS™ provides consistency for programs that currently exist at varying, siloed levels with limited access to data sources. The technology is named for both its form and its function. It’s an unshakeable support structure, but also a guide—a map to optimal program delivery and top-notch efficiency performance, meticulously designed for our connected energy future. 

With the power of CLEAResult ATLAS™, utilities can not only tap into CLEAResult’s expansive client delivery network, but also data sources outside of those traditionally used by the energy efficiency industry. While their customers experience efficiency programs like never before (with custom guidance and dynamic recommendations along the way) program managers and implementers have access to key data-driven insights and cross-platform benefits, enabling a whole new level of program transparency and efficiency. 

As it rolls out over the course of this year, CLEAResult ATLAS™ will enable CLEAResult to launch new related offerings that will grow out of—and be supported by—CLEAResult ATLAS™’ central functions. Stay tuned for additional information as we unveil more technology-enabled solutions that will change the way people use energy. 

To learn more about how CLEAResult ATLAS™ meshes with our current and future offerings, visit our Solutions page.


About CLEAResult

CLEAResult is the largest provider of energy efficiency and demand response solutions in North America. Through proven demand side management strategies tailored to clients’ unique needs, CLEAResult combines the strength of our energy experts and innovative technology to help over 250 utilities change the way people use energy. CLEAResult is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has over 2,500 employees in more than 60 cities across the U.S. and Canada. CLEAResult is a portfolio company of the private equity firm TPG and The Rise Fund, a global impact fund led by TPG. For more information, visit CLEAResult.com


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