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Lessons learned from our energy efficiency in decarbonization Greenbuild webinar

Lessons learned from our energy efficiency in decarbonization Greenbuild webinar

In a Greenbuild webinar we recently sponsored, on The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Decarbonization, our VP of Decarbonization Keri Macklin discussed the role energy efficiency plays in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some of the main takeaways.

Energy efficiency plays a large role in decarbonization.

According to a study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), energy efficiency alone can cut energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050. Energy efficiency improvements alone could help businesses reduce energy use by 15%.


Cost is often cited as an obstacle for implementing energy-saving projects, but research indicates otherwise.

In our live webinar poll, nearly 80% of attendees listed upfront costs/budgetary constraints as a primary blocker for project implementation. However, a U.K. study found that implementation rates at companies remained the same even when no capital investment was required. It also showed that potential cost savings and short payback periods have little effect on whether or not action is taken.


Proper planning is key to successful implementation.

It is essential to map out a path to completion for energy efficiency projects and secure support from management. Appointing a team leader to champion projects from start to finish is crucial to ensure they receive the attention and follow-through needed.       

Identifying energy wastes is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint.

When people become accustomed to seeing regular processes at work, even seemingly obvious problems can be overlooked. A good place to start is by making repairs, fixing leaks, and turning off equipment that runs or idles unnecessarily. Scheduling an energy audit by a qualified vendor is the best way to optimize energy savings.      



View the full-length Greenbuild webinar below.


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