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Watch our full webinar, The Power of the Measured Approach

Watch our full webinar, The Power of the Measured Approach for Energy Savings

For years, most energy efficiency programs have relied on the deemed (or modeled) approach to evaluate energy savings from home upgrades. This method uses engineered savings estimates to predict the impact of specific improvements. While deemed savings remain a valuable tool for many programs, a trove of more accessible data, facilitated by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and other software innovations, now enables utilities and other energy stakeholders to measure the actual realized savings of energy efficiency or energy transition upgrades.  


This measured approach presents new opportunities for energy programs and is a key component of the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) Home Energy Rebates programs.


Watch our webinar to explore the power of measuring actual savings as program design input. We’ll walk through two compelling use cases, to discover:  

  • How measured savings can help utilities pinpoint higher propensity projects and reach aggressive savings goals 
  • How the measured path can allow states and territories to maximize program impact of the IRA’s Home Energy Rebates programs




Todd Miles    
Market Enablement Director    


Andy Frank    
Founder and President    


Matt Braman    
Business Intelligence Director    


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