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With over 20 years of experience, CLEAResult assists state awardees to quickly create a successful and effective initiative design and target low-income and disadvantaged communities. Whether it’s rooftop solar, community solar or multifamily projects, we work to understand each states’ unique goals and challenges, and devise strategies using our local expertise for smooth and successful implementation.

Solar Panels

Our tailored approach will help states:

Partner with utilities and other stakeholders

This ensures seamless integration with the grid and successful program launches.

Plan and design effective programs

You can quickly deploy a program plan that thoughtfully integrates stakeholder facilitation, customer education, application qualification processing, engagement analytics, rebate management and more.

Navigate regulations and timelines

Track the EPA’s requirements to develop a compliant program design that meets all deadlines.

Engage low-income communities

We recognize the needs of communities marginalized by underinvestment and understand how to best use technology and customized marketing tactics to effectively expand outreach.

Integrate nuanced details for success

We consider often overlooked critical nuances such as: demand-side potential, solar and energy efficiency stacked incentives and rebate strategies, interconnectivity with suppliers and utilities, and more.

Our capabilities

Program Design
Program design

We can develop incentive structures and outreach plans to reduce emissions and benefit income-eligible customers, with processes for customer protections and data capture for reporting and evaluation.

Qualification and transaction support

This includes application processing, rebate management, community engagement, analytics and program design, to ensure compliant transactions, customer and vendor support and necessary data collection. 

Technology-driven efficiency

Our advanced tools enable faster applicant qualification and enhanced customer engagement, resulting in increased program participation.

Targeted analytics

We gather data-driven insights to improve accuracy in customer targeting and decision-making support.

Customer education and support

We offer expertise in simplifying complex funding and energy options for customers. We also promote the integration of solar with energy efficiency upgrades for maximum benefits.

Local expertise

Our on-the-ground professionals are in over 30 states, backed by an extensive diverse supplier network.

Partner and contractor management

Vendor qualification and oversight ensures effective use of funds and high customer satisfaction. Our expertise in regulated markets can help you navigate complex stakeholder relationships.

Support tailored to your needs

Our customized solutions support the full spectrum of grant and funding opportunity needs.

Let’s get started

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Thank you for helping to create a more sustainable future for our communities.

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