Our solutions revolve around you

We’re helping our neighbors—and your customers—take steps to reduce their energy consumption, save money, and avert tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Growing towards the future

We’ve grown from a small firm in British Columbia to the largest provider of energy efficiency services in Canada. Now, with over 130 employees and offices in Toronto, Burnaby, and Calgary, we’re saving energy from coast to coast. Our rapid growth is powered by consistency—our dedicated teams work tirelessly to meet and exceed client needs while promoting growth, evolving our solutions to fit the changing energy efficiency landscape year after year.

Practice makes perfect.

Climate change is here–and we’re continuously improving how we respond and take action. To better protect our planet and create more environmentally sustainable communities, we focus our expertise and technology on six transformative practices that change the way people use energy.

From utilities and their customers to contractors and suppliers, we work with everyone in and outside our industry to strengthen local relationships, expand access to cleaner energy choices and build equitable energy solutions that benefit us all.

Powering change in real time.
Our people help communities like yours use less energy every second.
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We help people save on energy bills


kWh of electricity saved


Therms of natural gas


metric tons of CO2 emissions
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Combined, this means we’ve protected our planet from the equivalent of 2,400,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. To put that number in perspective, if CLEAResult were a U.S. forest, it would take 3,100,000 acres to capture the same amount of carbon.

Data includes our realized and estimated impact for the current year.