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How energy efficiency programs help small businesses bounce back faster.

Supporting small businesses with energy savings.

Small businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been especially difficult for retailers, restaurants and other establishments that thrive on in-person customer experiences. Businesses that have survived have had to endure nearly two years of economic whiplash, confusing public policy guidance, supply chain disruptions and rising costs—all while doing their best to keep staff and customers safe.


With the pandemic endgame (hopefully) in sight, many businesses are in the process of regaining their footing and looking forward to getting back to what they do best, delighting their customers. While many businesses were protected by shutoff moratoriums or bill arrearage programs, many of those programs have expired or will expire soon, and energy costs will be a persistent barrier to financial recovery.


Fortunately, many utilities offer energy efficiency programs specifically designed to serve the unique needs and challenges of small businesses. These programs provide incentives for investments that lower energy use and save money to help improve a business’ bottom line. Installing energy efficiency improvements can reduce the time businesses may need to get back into the black, and often have important non-energy benefits such as improving indoor air quality, reducing maintenance costs, increasing comfort and supporting workplace safety.


Our energy efficiency experts have a long history designing and implementing small business programs across North America by providing:

  • Data-driven marketing and outreach
  • Free virtual and on-site energy assessments
  • Energy management planning and coaching
  • Rebate fulfillment and equipment installations
  • Qualified, reliable and diverse trade ally networks


The key to success? Meeting small business customers where they are and making it easy and engaging to participate.


This means eliminating paperwork, streamlining decision-making, minimizing business interruptions and ensuring quality work every time. To get the job done, we create a thorough mix of innovative technology, thoughtful program design and carefully managed trade allies to reach everyone in our communities equally. Small business communities are small and well-connected, meaning word of mouth spreads fast. Successful projects and positive experiences are likely to be a program’s best marketing tool.


We also find that these programs have the greatest impact when they are closely aligned with complimentary, community-based organizations that have a similar goal of supporting growth and success among small businesses. For example, your customers may also benefit from their local chambers of commerce or regional economic development corporations.


By leading businesses to additional savings and resources like federal grants, utility efficiency programs can set themselves apart as a support-multiplier for members of their community who are still recovering from the last two years.


For a full look at how we can grow your Small Business Energy Efficiency program, check out our comprehensive one-pager or complete our contact form.


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