Energy Efficiency

When people ask our teams the best way to reduce emissions on a budget, we always start with the same answer–use less energy.

Experts in saving energy.

With nearly 20 years of experience guiding utilities, homes and business to a more energy efficient future, our experts are widely recognized as industry leaders who never stop innovating. From our data and technology behind the scenes to our diverse network of on-the-ground advisors, we have local teams across the country putting cost-effective climate solutions to work every day.

How we get the job done.
Energy Assessments

Everyone’s energy use is unique. That’s why our energy assessments are personable, accessible and easy for any utility customer beginning their energy efficiency journey.


From increasing demand response-ready devices to support fleet electrification, fulfillment is how we make sure everyone in your community has access to more carbon-free energy choices.


When your customers are ready to install their energy-efficient products, equipment or other improvements, we’ll be there to lend a hand wherever we’re needed.

Management and Consulting

Becoming as energy efficient as possible will always be an ongoing process. From keeping your current systems running smoothly to planning out your next steps, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Often at low or no cost, standard assessments give homes and businesses a complete picture of they use energy and custom recommendations from efficiency experts on how to reduce it.

Our technical assessments are best for larger, generally commercial, facilities that may have unique energy needs that require an engineer to properly recommend efficiency improvements.

On-demand virtual energy assessments let people connect with trained specialists directly through their phone or tablet to complete a full evaluation of their energy habits and approve customers for any needed direct install upgrades included in their program. Using innovative video technology powered by our partners at Streem®, utility customers and trade allies can use virtual assessments as a convenient and affordable option for starting and continuing their energy-saving journey.

Like everything we do, our energy assessments are backed by experience and driven by data. We integrate third-party sources and internal data to provide participants with personalized next steps and achievable recommendations that help them save energy and money year round.

Get a glimpse of your energy-saving potential by completing a quick online assessment. You’ll answer a few questions about your energy use and we’ll show you which areas could be improved plus an estimate of how much you’ll save.

While titles may vary, our Energy Specialists cover all aspects of energy efficiency installations for homes, businesses and any other facility that’s ready to save.

Not everyone feels comfortable installing modern energy savers like smart thermostats themselves. Let us walk your customers through their installations virtually to give everyone confidence that they’re set up to save energy properly.

Keep every aspect of your energy efficiency journey unified and connected by using locally based trade allies trained specifically on your program. From customer service to quality assurance, you’ll get an unmatched level of trust and personalization for every installation.

Plus, we’ll also provide continued education opportunities that keep our whole network thinking local and up to date on the latest energy-saving tools and technology.

Our installation partners give us the ability to always say yes. When needed, we’ll pull in additional expertise to tackle larger, more complex installations for facilities that require an all hands on deck approach to saving energy.

Once your customers’ systems are installed, we’ll follow up every so often to check that everything is running as it should be and report any savings or maintenance needs to all participating parties.

As people complete upgrades and start to feel the difference, our teams can get together to show them where to focus next. This could include a time-of-use rate strategy, additional equipment improvements, smart controls, behavioral changes and other custom approaches to saving even more energy.

Using less energy is just as important to customers as it is to grid reliability. Our demand response (DR) and distributed energy resource (DERS) solutions give you and your customers greater flexibility in how energy is used, stored and distributed. We can help you set these programs up from scratch or use strategies like Direct Ship to integrate more products into your existing DR or DERS program.

Looking for new ways to improve your energy efficiency program as a whole? We’re chock full of innovative ideas to keep your programs feeling fresh, engaging and, most importantly, successful.

Our program administrators are truly behind the scenes heroes who know how to do it all. Whether your energy efficiency program is successful and looking to scale or you’re just getting started, we can handle your entire program from top to bottom.

Saving energy is only half of the equation when it comes to lowering our collective carbon footprint. We can add targeted, carbon-reducing energy consulting to any new or existing commercial efficiency program to encourage more businesses in your community to reach net-zero emissions.

For commercial customers who need to take an always-on approach to critical aspects of their energy use, like hospitals and manufacturing facilities, we offer SEM resources and solutions that can be easily incorporated into your energy efficiency program at any time.

Let your community save right at checkout by including in-store rebates, promotions and educational resources for shoppers.

Putting energy-efficient products in people’s hands may not always be direct. That’s why we connect our utility clients to participating distributors and community-based organizations, like food banks, to deliver energy-saving basics like LEDs, smart thermostats and more at discounted or fully covered rates.

Field work and trade ally coordination is included and online portals, in-person services and data-backed demand generation solutions are also available when needed.

Our mobile-friendly online marketplace gives your customers quick and convenient access to instant savings on all kinds of energy efficiency products and improvements. With rebate validation and income verification built in, plus fully integrated promotional offers and analytics, you’ll be able to ship your customers’ savings in style.

Pair our marketplace with trade ally management and direct install to make it even easier for your community to use less energy.

Wherever your energy efficiency program needs support, our trade allies and contractors are ready to help. We have over 750 team members currently out in the field saving people energy, and each one brings expertise, professionalism and compassion to the communities they serve.

Give your program participants the energy efficiency basics in one, conveniently bundled kit. Often including products like LED light bulbs, water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators, weatherstripping and more, energy savings kits are perfect for first timers and experienced savers, alike.

Our partners support us in the fight against climate change by expanding our energy efficiency practices to reach more people, while lowering costs at all levels of your programs.

Who energy efficiency helps most:
Residential utility customers

Our residential portfolio includes comprehensive and targeted energy efficiency journeys for homeowners, renters and multifamily utility customers. Taking a comprehensive approach to saving energy begins with an in-home or virtual assessment, followed by the installation of any recommended home improvements, and further supported with ongoing engagement, behavioral education and additional program awareness. For utility customers who prefer to save energy with more targeted transactional approaches, often by coordinating with local market leaders and programs to complete specific upgrades like HVAC controls, we’ll make sure you get connected with the right people for the job. This includes programs for rater- and builder-driven new homes, trade ally and multifamily contractor networks, and direct-to-customer downstream incentives.

Low and moderate income

Removing barriers and expanding access to energy efficiency funding for income qualified utility customers plays a central role in creating an equitable clean energy future. While LMI home types and funding may vary, our end goal is always the same–to provide easy paths to energy-saving improvements at low or no cost. To better support our neighbors that spend more of their income on energy bills, our LMI programs offer larger incentive buckets, inclusive language and marketing services, and a diverse community of local suppliers.

Midstream incentives

With the widest variety of program participants and customers, our midstream portfolio has become one of our strongest and most cost-effective solutions to large scale energy efficiency implementation. We work with people operating in the middle of the supply chain, like retailers and distributors, to lower costs and increase sales for high-impact energy efficiency upgrades.

Commercial and industrial facilities

Reaching net zero in large new construction or existing commercial building requires our team’s full energy-saving tool belt. Our commercial and industrial portfolio includes standard prescriptive efficiency improvements as well as complex custom projects that rely on trusted ASHRAE energy assessments before recommending next steps for reducing a company’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Small businesses and government

In our small business and government portfolio, community and innovation always take the lead. These programs represent emerging approaches to commercial energy use, including hard-to-reach customers like small businesses and government agencies, that often aim to go beyond traditional energy savings measures to have a bigger impact on our communities. With everything from HVAC optimization and direct install to new techniques for traditional agriculture and trade ally-driven facility assessments, our experts are well-equipped to handle it all.

Meet CLEAResult ATLAS™

Making our world environmentally sustainable means building the technology that bring all our practices under one roof. CLEAResult ATLAS™ products tie everything together to change the way people use energy in real time.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Carbon
CLEAResult ATLAS™ Carbon

Our carbon accounting platform helps measure your carbon footprint, then simplifies the process of entering, monitoring, and reporting data.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace
CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace

Serving as a rebate validation tool, digital storefront and educational hub, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace brings common offers and products together into an engaging ecommerce experience.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights
CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights

With cutting-edge predictive energy analytics at a lower cost, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights makes unifying operational data across audiences and services easier than ever.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect
CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect

By giving people and businesses personalized next steps and content paths, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect lets your program participants feel comfortable and confident with their smart energy choices.

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Academy
CLEAResult ATLAS™ Academy

On-demand and accessible from any device, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Academy lets you grow your community’s understanding of energy use and how to reduce it with easy-to-follow digital education modules.

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Energy Efficiency measures we work with.
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  • Hot Water
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Weatherization
  • Cooling Towers
  • Plug Loads
  • HVAC
  • Appliances
  • Behavioral changes
  • Special Equipment
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Leaders in lowering energy use.

Our energy efficiency efforts are constantly expanding–and we couldn’t be prouder of the results.

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