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RSVP: Midstream Beyond Lighting with Enbridge Gas

Midstream: Beyond Lighting with Enbridge Gas

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With new lighting regulations taking effect in 2023 and pressures to achieve cost-effective savings, utilities are increasingly turning to midstream program approaches to capture energy efficiency savings and transform their markets. Midstream programs work to influence stocking practices and equipment selection at the distributor or contractor level. By targeting distributors, midstream programs increase the availability and market share of energy-efficient products to a broader contractor network, therefore increasing the likelihood that customers purchase more efficient equipment.


In Ontario, Canada, Enbridge Gas, in collaboration with the IESO and our local team, has been delivering a food service and HVAC targeted distributor program since 2019. Join us on Wednesday, November 30th for a free webinar where you’ll learn more about:

  • How Enbridge targeted both natural gas and electricity measures
  • Strategies to ensure success in a post-pandemic environment
  • Measures and approaches you can leverage to drive significant participation at a fraction of the cost


Webinar date:

Wednesday, November 30th at 12:00 CT


Presenters include:

Katie Fotheringham (moderator)
Practice Consulting Director, Energy Efficiency


Brenen Suddaby
Program Manager


Deanna Marley
Senior Advisor, Commercial Industrial Markets
Enbridge Gas


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