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Energetics: Electric Vehicle Widescale Analysis for Tomorrow’s Transportation Solutions (EV WATTS)



As society increasingly prioritizes sustainable transportation, understanding the dynamics of electric vehicle (EV) adoption is paramount. EV WATTS addresses a growing need for practical information about vehicle electrification. The EV WATTS project team collected real-world use data from plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and charging stations (also known as EVSE – electric vehicle supply equipment). Researchers then validated, analyzed, and summarized the data, which is being used to inform future research, development, and deployment.



U.S. Department of Energy


Driving Electrification Through the Power of Data

From 2019-2023, Energetics worked with Clean Cities Coalitions, fleets, state/local governments, vehicle manufacturers, utilities, charging station providers, and EV drivers to develop a national data resource on end-user driving and vehicle charging patterns, vehicle performance, and charging infrastructure activity. The data collection effort was comprehensive, covering: 

  • All-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles telematics data
  • A variety of vehicle types: cars, trucks, buses, etc. 
  • Multiple geographic areas and climates
  • AC Level 2 and DC fast charging infrastructure
  • Various EVSE sites: corridors, workplace, multi-unit dwellings, curbside, fleet depots, transit centers, ports, airports, etc.)


 “EV WATTS will facilitate unbiased analyses, drawing on diverse data that provides robust results from a broad stakeholder group. Having access to a uniform, comprehensive, and anonymized dataset from recent PEV and EVSE deployments across the U.S. will help Argonne National Laboratory understand charging behavior by vehicle class and trip purpose. It will also shed light on the correlation between EVSE availability and PEV adoption, laying the foundation for better future placements of infrastructure.”               

Joann Zhou, Mobility and Deployment Group Leader, Argonne National Laboratory



The anonymized EV WATTS databases are publicly available through the U.S. Department of Energy Livewire Data Platform: https://livewire.energy.gov/ds/evwatts/evwatts.public. A free account can be used to download the database. All sensitive attributes have been removed from this publicly available dataset and data partner agreements do not allow distribution of any additional data fields.


Data Dashboards

The two interactive EV WATTS dashboards (one for vehicles and one for charging stations) display statistics and findings from electric vehicle and charging station data across the United States: summary data, energy demand, use patterns, charging details, and more. 


EV WATTS Electric Vehicle Dashboard


EV WATTS Charging Station Dashboard


Technical Analysis (White Papers) 

These White Papers analyze data from the EV WATTS database to answer pressing questions related to electric vehicle and charging station use. Energetics staff explored important topics as individuals, fleets, and government agencies develop and implement transportation electrification plans.               

Data Reports

These national and regional reports summarize data from the EV WATTS database to show statistics and trends related to electric vehicle and charging station use. These are static versions of similar information shown on the interactive online dashboards.


Electric Vehicle Fleet Reports              


Charging Station Reports               

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