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Work with our team to reduce your company’s carbon emissions, lower annual costs, and surpass your sustainability benchmarks all at once.

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On average, 70% of a company’s carbon production comes from the energy they use, and when they are ready to change, our experts are geared up to help. We work with commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes to map out their energy use, identify areas of improvement, and make a plan to reduce their overall carbon output and operational costs.

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How we get the job done

To give us a full picture of your current carbon footprint, our teams will collaborate with yours to measure, model and report which parts of your operations output greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions today.


With your energy use and carbon emissions measured, it’s time to search for new opportunities to reduce your annual output and make specific recommendations on where to focus next.


Once you’ve discovered the best opportunities to lower your carbon emissions, we’ll work together to set realistic reduction goals and put a plan in place to reach them.


With your plan in place and people aligned, it’s time to get to work and lower your carbon output year after year.


Continuous improvement is a natural and necessary part of our carbon consulting practice. From ongoing system checkups and maintenance to looking ahead toward your next reduction target, we’ll be by your side every step of the way to keep your sustainability goals on track.

First and foremost, we’ll calculate your carbon footprint by identifying where any GHG emissions are coming from in your facility, then provide you with a report that shows your baseline measurements and full environmental impact.

Once we’ve measured your carbon footprint, we can map it to your accounting and financial services to better position your business to succeed at lowering your emissions within a framework that works for you.

Our technical assessments are best for larger, generally commercial, facilities that may have unique energy needs that require an engineer or other specialists to properly recommend carbon reduction improvements.

Whether you’re ready to become a net-zero facility or prefer to take small steps to get there, our carbon consulting team will show you how to set, reach and surpass your energy and emission reduction goals—and keep it all within your budget.

We focus on four key areas of improvement to make your current systems more energy efficient and less reliant on carbon-producing power: behavior, equipment, generation and offsets. By combining behavioral best practices for lowering emissions with the technology and power sources needed for significant change, we’ll create an achievable strategy for reducing and managing your carbon footprint over time.

Whenever necessary, we’ll bring on our Design Build engineers to develop custom plans for any of your complex carbon challenges. Our team can handle your entire project from end to end, including concepting, construction and consulting, to make completing your large improvements easier than ever.

Once your new energy systems are installed, we’ll follow up every so often to check that everything is running as it should be and report any savings or maintenance needs to all participating parties.

As you start to feel the difference from completed upgrades, our teams can get together to show you where to focus your efforts next. This could include additional equipment improvements, smart controls, on-site renewable energy generation and other custom approaches to saving even more energy.

Looking for new ways to improve your strategic energy management as a whole? We’re chock full of innovative ideas to keep your approach to energy use feeling fresh, engaging and, most importantly, successful.

Meet CLEAResult ATLAS™

Making our world environmentally sustainable means building the technology that bring all our practices under one roof. CLEAResult ATLAS™ products tie everything together to change the way people use energy in real time.

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