How our solutions help clients access superior energy efficiency savings:

Reduce energy consumption using our decades of bright ideas and deep-rooted networks all over the country. Helping you deliver energy savings is what we do best.

Energy Consumption Assessment
Energy Consumption Assessment

Our assessments give homes and businesses of any size a complete picture of how they use energy, as well as how to make energy efficiency improvements affordably.

  • Online or Intake Screening Assessments: Online or Intake screenings are energy efficiency assessments performed only with the information provided by the customer, either by themselves via an online form, or with a CR representative over the phone assisting them.
  • Simple In-Person or Virtual Energy Usage Assessments: Primarily visual audits of a dwelling or building, where the CLEAResult team member only require inputs from what they can see in a space (i.e., counting the number of light fixtures, photographing the label on HVAC equipment, or observing the condition of ducts).
  • Technical, Diagnostic or Facility Energy Efficiency Assessments: Technical energy efficiency diagnostics are performed on dwellings, buildings or sites that require diagnostic testing using equipment; or those assessments that are so technical they require the people conducting them to have advanced certifications or licensing.
Fulfill Energy-Efficient Products and Services
Fulfill Energy-Efficient Products and Services

From in-store rebates to energy saving kits, we help your customers easily access and receive the products or services they need to use less energy

  • Energy Saving Kits: Give your program participants the energy efficiency basics in one, conveniently bundled kit that includes products like LED light bulbs, water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators, weatherstripping and more.
  • In-Store Rebate Programs: Let your community save right at the cash register by including in-store appliance/product rebates, promotions and educational resources for shoppers.
  • Midstream and Community Distribution: We connect our utility clients to participating distributors and community-based organizations to deliver energy-saving basics like LEDs, smart thermostats and more at discounted or fully covered rates.
  • Trade ally network: We have over 750 team members currently out in the field saving people energy. Each one brings expertise, professionalism and compassion to the communities they serve.


Energy Efficiency Installations
Energy Efficiency Installations

Our partners help us tackle simple upgrades to larger, more complex installations for facilities that require an all-hands-on-deck approach to saving energy.

Energy efficiency solutions as unique as our clients

Our energy efficiency experts pull from over 100 result-driven capabilities to create custom solutions or what we like to call “programs.” When it comes to reducing energy, a combination of the capabilities below often plays a key role. Your dedicated program manager will go over them in further detail and discuss what works best for you.

Energy efficiency capabilities

Assessments & Installs

Every energy efficiency project starts with an assessment of the building or site to be improved and ends with the installation of one or more upgrades. We can provide a deeper understanding of how energy flows in and around your daily operations as well as create a roadmap for reduction. It’s amazing what our licensed experts can uncover with just a few hours of diagnostic work. Many small businesses save 3-15% in energy costs thanks to our recommended improvements.

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Assessments & Installs

Centralized Delivery For Energy Efficiency Programs

For clients seeking a high-level of coordination on the national level, a centralized approach is best. Our teams at the national and regional levels work closely to ensure all aspects of an energy efficiency program are delivered seamlessly and holistically. What’s more, our broad experience enables us to apply learnings from one region or sector to the next, without skipping a beat.

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Centralized Delivery

Energy-Efficient eCommerce Solutions

We make navigating the eCommerce space easy with CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace—a customizable storefront where customers from multiple markets and territories can access discounts online. With rebate validation and income verification built in, plus fully integrated promotional offers and analytics, you will be able to ship your customers’ savings in style.

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eCommerce Solutions

Equity in Energy Savings

We’re deeply committed to helping low- and moderate-income households reduce their energy bills. Our income verification product, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Qualify, is revolutionizing the way utilities match rebates with eligible households. 

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Equity in Energy Savings

Virtual Assistance For Energy-Saving Installations

Not everyone feels comfortable installing modern energy savers like smart thermostats themselves. When in-person visits aren’t possible, let us walk your customers through their installations virtually via Streem so they feel confident their devices are set up properly. 

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Virtual Assistance

Design Build Energy Efficiency Solutions

Our designers and contractors work together as one team to deliver turnkey energy efficiency and electrification solutions. We’ll assess critical processes, recommend improvements and implement site-specific plans. From chiller optimization to improving data center efficiency, we have the resources, research and retro-commissioning expertise to make your energy efficiency project or pilot a reality.

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Design Build
Powered by confidence

Powered by confidence

Learn about energy-efficient power supplies and new certification initiatives designed to give you peace of mind. Plus, easily explore power supplies certified for desktops, workstations and more. 

Energy efficiency solutions pre-built for success

While most of our energy efficiency solutions are customized to fit a client’s specific needs, there are times when a pre-built one fits just right. Some of our most popular pre-configured solutions are listed below. Clients love them because they’re ready to go right away.

Who energy efficiency helps most:

Residential utility customers Residential utility customers
Residential utility customers

Our residential portfolio includes comprehensive and targeted energy efficiency journeys for homeowners, renters and multifamily utility customers. Taking a comprehensive approach to saving energy begins with an in-home or virtual assessment, followed by the installation of any recommended home improvements, and further supported with ongoing engagement, behavioral education and additional program awareness. For utility customers who prefer to save energy with more targeted transactional approaches, often by coordinating with local market leaders and programs to complete specific upgrades like HVAC controls, we’ll make sure you get connected with the right people for the job. This includes programs for rater- and builder-driven new homes, trade ally and multifamily contractor networks, and direct-to-customer downstream incentives.

Low and moderate income Low and moderate income
Low and moderate income

Removing barriers and expanding access to energy efficiency funding for income qualified utility customers plays a central role in creating an equitable clean energy future. While LMI home types and funding may vary, our end goal is always the same–to provide easy paths to energy-saving improvements at low or no cost. To better support our neighbors that spend more of their income on energy bills, our LMI programs offer larger incentive buckets, inclusive language and marketing services, and a diverse community of local suppliers.

Midstream incentives Midstream incentives
Midstream incentives

With the widest variety of program participants and customers, our midstream portfolio has become one of our strongest and most cost-effective solutions to large scale energy efficiency implementation. We work with people operating in the middle of the supply chain, like retailers and distributors, to lower costs and increase sales for high-impact energy efficiency upgrades.

Commercial and industrial facilities Commercial and industrial facilities
Commercial and industrial facilities

Reaching net zero in large new construction or existing commercial building requires our team’s full energy-saving tool belt. Our commercial and industrial portfolio includes standard prescriptive efficiency improvements as well as complex custom projects that rely on trusted ASHRAE energy assessments before recommending next steps for reducing a company’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Small businesses and government Small businesses and government
Small businesses and government

In our small business and government portfolio, community and innovation always take the lead. These programs represent emerging approaches to commercial energy use, including hard-to-reach customers like small businesses and government agencies, that often aim to go beyond traditional energy savings measures to have a bigger impact on our communities. With everything from HVAC optimization and direct install to new techniques for traditional agriculture and trade ally-driven facility assessments, our experts are well-equipped to handle it all.

Accelerating energy efficiency through technology

Our comprehensive energy efficiency software suite is designed to tackle the clean energy industry’s toughest challenges. CLEAResult ATLAS™ products provide the tools and technology to change the way people use energy in real-time.


Simplifies eligibility qualification for income-based incentive programs by offering multiple paths to verification.


Helps meet the precise needs of your customers, while keeping them on track to maximize their energy savings potential.


Leverages our expansive data framework to produce an exceptional level of customer insights, predictive operational analytics and energy efficiency improvements.


Serving as a rebate validation tool, digital storefront and educational hub, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace brings common offers and energy-efficient products together into an engaging ecommerce experience.


Trains distributors, trade allies and more on new technologies for energy efficiency upgrades.


Tracks and reports your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to establish your organization’s baseline carbon footprint.


Elevates customer engagement through all-in-one DERs management for forward-thinking utilities.

Partner Hub

Coordinates resources and communication channels so it's easy to engage complex partner networks.

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